Information Management


Today, companies can only increase their productivity in line with the rates of using technology. This, herewith, necessitates the availability of infrastructure that can provide this technology. Not only it is getting become difficult to manage a great number of corporate IT components that enable such technology but also it creates unproductive structure and high cost in terms of capacity utilization.

Premier Turk offers Server, Client and Notebook products to our customers with the highest level of service quality as to hardware and software-based solutions which are the most important components of its product range to meet such technology needs.

Microsoft Operating Systems and Microsoft applications have now become an indispensable part of our lives. They are an essential part of our system in many various areas, from a PC’s operating system to a mail server, from office software to a database server.

Companies may work with our firm in many areas from when choosing the one that best suits their needs from these systems to the right positioning such products, design and installation of them in accordance with the infrastructure, effective use of the same, the fastest and most effective elimination of errors.

With Microsoft solutions, our goal is to increase your company’s productivity, reduce costs, and make your customers/employees more satisfied. With its experienced staff, Premier Turk performs the most accurate Microsoft Integration for small, medium and large sized companies. It is aimed to retain customer satisfaction at the highest level with the most appropriate low-cost licensing model and effective after-sales support service fancied for your company.

An effective IT strategy helps companies to create solutions that reduce their operational costs. Premier Turk enables you to make better, faster and more target-driven business decisions with Microsoft’s flexible solutions.

Projects conducted using Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) methods become a success story thanks to the Premier Türk’s experience. Premier Turk shares with its customer its knowledge of the Microsoft infrastructure that our customers need and the messaging, Internet access and system management products developed on it together with its experience of being a Microsoft Certified Partner.