Software Development


Microsoft Software Platform Development Solutions

• Adaptation and development works of Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft CRM products.

Software Analysis Processes

• Creating software analyses of companies, reporting on the current situation and performing improvement works.

Web Design and Development Solutions

• Design and development of company websites. Integration of websites with existing in-house programs.

Tailor-made Software Development

• Software development in different technologies (web, windows, Mobile) suitable for the needs and processes of companies.

Software Consulting Solutions

• Ensuring that the software is suitable and high quality for company processes, which is developed by getting involved in the current software development processes of Companies as a consultant and/or solution developer.

Industry-Specific Software Solutions

• Maintenance Automation Software Solutions
• Fire Materials Control / Maintenance Solutions
• Municipal Solutions
• Warehousing and Warehouse Management Solutions


Companies that intend to survive today have to notice and adapt to the changes around them in order to cope with factors such as increased competition, globalization, new regulations and innovations. Just as it is not sufficient for these companies to notice changes, it has become an inevitable requirement for them to make precise decisions with fast and accurate decision mechanisms.

A good information system today, where competition makes process efficiency inevitable, should be the highest priority investment of enterprises, the information should be well managed and established systems should provide productivity.

The information system should be a tool that makes the process to be independent of human and productive, that comes forward the corporate intelligence rather than the individual intelligence and skill, that supports the information sharing with a performance that can be deemed digital nerve end of a company.

The software can be defined as both the management of the hardware units that make up the computer system and the programs that are necessary for the users to do their work.

The increasing importance of software day by day is directly proportional to the prominence of competition among companies.

It is estimated that the size of the Turkish software sector is 780 million dollars, and about 70 thousand people are employed in this area. At the period we live through, corporate solutions come forward, and thanks to these corporate solutions, companies increase their competitive capacities more.

Software systems which are needed by almost every sector change its form with the proliferation of the Internet, the access of the companies to information became location-free and ensured that corporate intelligence has been supported.

The fact that information is now easily accessible has increased the number of people involved in software development and has introduced the concept of quality software. The fact that the developed software addresses the company’s vision and resilience capacity with its changing processes reveal the quality of the software.

Currently, the software must be error-free at an acceptable level, can be deployed on time with a planned budget, can meet requirements and/or expectations, and must have sustainable properties.

Not only the software of good quality increases the accuracy of access to information but also positively affects the analytical powers of companies and the accuracy of their forward-looking plans.

As Premier Turk IT Center, we strive to achieve this quality and ensure continuity in our software development processes. By working hand-in-hand with our customers in the analysis, development and testing processes of the software we develop, we ensure that they are involved in these stages. Thereby, we support the creation of software processes more efficiently, more