Network Systems


Local Area Network Solutions

• Local area network
• VoIP
• IP Telephony
• Network analysis
• Network management
• Load balancing
• Web/SSL Caching

Wireless Area Network Solutions

• Enterprise WLAN solutions
• Mobile IP Telephony
• Video surveillance via Wireless
• Voice apps via Wi-fi


It is the first of the elements that Premier Türk emphasizes in the network solutions that the network design, regardless of its design, scale and size, should be made so that a network to work efficiently and effectively, with the capacity to meet the needs and mostly with the capacities to expand.

Our Local Area Network (LAN) solutions cover Switching (SWITCHING), LAYER 3 SWITCHING, network design, VLAN (Virtual LAN) installation, in-building and in-campus structured cabling, network management, analysis, improvement and support services in a way to meet the expectations of companies, institutions and organizations that need communication and data transmission in the same building or between multiple buildings not too far from each other.

VLAN; Virtual LANs are small network parts created on the active device to strip down the traffic on the network. The traffic flows only to users involved in relevant units are provided by VLAN design in the switches running in the OSI 2nd layer physically.

Thanks to our LAN solutions, the quality, efficient and economical services can be offered in educational institutions, merchandising sector, various production areas, finance, health, tourism areas and many other areas.

Thanks to our voice solutions via IP, you can now make phone calls through your IP network. Thanks to our VoIP solutions, companies can reduce communication costs by using existing data connections, Internet links, and IP-based wide area networks for their phone calls.

Thanks to our VoIP solutions, companies may make free phone calls with their long-distance branches, dealers and regional offices by using leased lines, Frame-Relay network, VPN networks and Internet connections, and may increase their efficiency gained from their technology investments by using their existing data transmission networks for their voice transmission needs.

With the WLAN service, we provide users with access to the Internet and intranet in joint work areas in their company. The biggest advantage of this service is that employees can access information independently and continuously, thereby can work more efficiently. Thanks to the WLAN infrastructure, our users can work with wireless connection in any area they want within the company with their laptop computers or mobile access devices.
The most substantial difference in our WLAN service is the high level of security we provide.

In order for wireless access to provide at the same security level as wired access and to access this network perfectly, the central user inquiry and verification system and the use of WLAN are integrated. Thereby, we ensure that the authorized users are included in the system and that the data is encrypted.


You expect the technology to run well, which enables your employees, suppliers and customers to connect securely. Cisco, the leader of the network and communications industry, assists many small businesses to run more efficiently all around the world by addressing everyday business needs. You can count on us to help your company.
Here are the reasons:

• Today, 85% of the Internet is working on Cisco’s networking solutions, almost all of the corporate firms use Cisco’s solutions for their network infrastructures.

• Network solutions are vital for every company, from the smallest to the largest companies with millions of USD network infrastructures. For this reason, companies desire to hand over their network infrastructure to professionals to whom they can trust their experience. Therefore, it is expected that those who want to advance in the field of networking will have Cisco certificates.

• Cisco Certified Experts are the network professionals who have demonstrated the fact that they have the necessary expertise to design, install, maintain communication, improve performance in a most effective way and reduce the total cost of the network by solving infrastructure problems-without their occurrence.